Which of the following is not a feature of pervasive development disorder –

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Which of the following is not a feature of pervasive development disorder –

[A]. Communication dysfunction

[B]. Language impairment

[C]. Cognitive impairment

[D]. Stereotype behavior

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[C]. Cognitive impairment
Explanation :-

  • The pervasive developmental disorders (PDD) are
    • Pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS), which includes atypical autism, and is the most common
    • Autism, the best-known
    • Asperger syndrome
    • Rett syndrome and
    • Childhood disintegrative disorder (CDD)
  • The first three of these disorders are commonly called the autism spectrum disorders, the last two disorders are much rarer.
  • Symptoms of PDD may include behavioral and communication problems such as:
    • Difficulty using and understanding language
    • Difficulty relating to people, objects, and events; for example, lack of eye contact, pointing behavior, and lack of facial responses
    • Unusual play with toys and other objects
    • Difficulty with changes in routine or familiar surroundings
    • Repetitive body movements or behavior patterns, such as hand flapping, hair twirling, foot tapping, or more complex movements
    • Inability to cuddle or be comforted
    • Difficulty regulating behaviors and emotions, which may result in temper tantrums, anxiety, and aggression.
    • General cognition is not lost uniformly in pervasive developmental disorders.

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