What would be the most probable diagnosis?

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Case :
A 45 year old chronic alcoholic male, presented to the ER, with complaints of pain in the upper abdomen, more in the epigastric region, radiating to the back since 6 months. The patient has been referred by a GP as the usual NSAIDs were not providing symptomatic pain relief. He was pale but not icteric. There were erythematous patches on his back that weren’t tender. Upon further enquiry he revealed that that he had been passing large amounts of foul smelling sticky stools for about three months now. He was referred with an ultrasound report that confirmed the presence of fatty liver.

Question :
What would be the most probable diagnosis?

[A]. Peptic ulcer disease

[B]. Choledocholithiasis

[C]. Cholelithiasis

[D]. Chronic pancreatitis

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[D]. Chronic pancreatitis

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