The best site to monitor core temperature intraoperative is –

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The best site to monitor core temperature intraoperative is –

[A]. Nasal cavity

[B]. Lower 3rd esophagus

[C]. Pulmonary artery

[D]. Tympanic membrane

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[C]. Pulmonary artery
Explanation :-

Core Body Temperature (CBT) is a well-known indicator of the human body’s effectiveness in maintaining its operating temperature within a constant. Its precise and continuous measurement is a prerequisite for studies on human thermoregulation.


True core temperature readings can only be measured by invasive means, such as placing a temperature probe into the oesophagus, pulmonary artery or urinary bladder (Ref. Childs et al, 2011)

Non-invasive sites such as the rectum, oral cavity, axilla, temporal artery (forehead) and external auditory canal are accessible and are believed to provide the best estimation of the core temperature (Ref. Pusnik st al 2012)

Intra-Operative Core body temperature best monitored by: Pulmonary Artery >Distal Oesophagus. Because pulmonary artery temperature closely correlates with core temperature, many clinicians view this as the most accurate site for measuring body temperature in critical care. (Critical care by WC wilson)

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