In Bomb blast, all injuries can occur except –

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In Bomb blast, all injuries can occur except –

[A]. Bruise

[B]. Fracture

[C]. Abrasion

[D]. Laceration

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[B]. Fracture
Explanation :-

  • Following an explosion injuries result from
    • Close to the explosion – blown into pieces by the force of explosion
    • Injured by the wave of pressure – Shock wave
    • Sustain injury due to the heat produced
    • Flying missiles causing injuries
    • Injured or crushed by the falling building or debris
  • Lungs are the most vulnerable organ to blast injuries.
  • Types of blast injuries –
    • Primary – Due to shock wave which cause injuries to hollow organs, e.g. ears, lungs, eyes, GIT etc.
    • Secondary – Due to flying debris (missiles). Classical Marshalls triad i.e. bruises, abrasions and puncture laceration is diagnostic of explosive injury.
    • Tertiary – Due to blast wind, i.e. victim is thrown into air and strikes other objects leading to fracture, blunt trauma etc.
    • Quaternary – Any complication factor (not in first 3 categories) causes quaternary injury, e.g. – anoxia, respiratory problems etc.

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