Ideal site to monitor core temperature during anaesthesia is –

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Ideal site to monitor core temperature during anaesthesia is –

[A]. Pulmonary artery

[B]. Distal esophagus

[C]. Tympanic memebrane

[D]. Nasopharynx

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[A]. Pulmonary artery
Explanation :-
Core temperature monitoring

  • It is used to monitor intraoperative hypothermia, prevent overheating and facilitate detection of malignant hyperthermia.
  • The core compartment is composed of highly perfused tissues whose temperature is uniform and high compared with the rest of the body.
  • Sites :- typmanic membrane, pulmonary artery, distal esophagus and nasopharynx.
  • Because these sites are not necessarily available or convenient, a variety of near-core sites are also used clinically.
  • Near-core sites include – mouth, axilla, bladder, rectum and skin surface.

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